Quality Home Inspection Services

General Home and Building Inspection Services

Perform residential and commercial inspections for buyers (presale) or sellers to prepare for sale.

Also able to advise owners of construction defects from new work alterations or additions and provide dispute resolution advice to close out projects

Quality Building Inspection Services (Q.B.I.S)

General Inspections of commercial buildings for buyers and sellers to ascertain conditions for re-sale.
Inspection of electrical, heating/cooling equipment, roofing and all aspects of light commercial buildings and grounds

Expert Witness Testimony

I am Qualified as an Expert Construction Witness, in 5 Counties in North East Ohio and recently in New Jersey.
Over the past 30 years I have helped Owners, Buyers, Sellers and Attorneys on various issues from construction defects to personal injury attributed to faulty building or construction.
Commercial or Residential areas of expertise.
I can also provide verification of issues to your attorney for preparation of legal action or resolution dispute.

Dispute resolutions/Quality Control Inspections

I can provide a third party opinion for resolving disputes between owners and contractors based on contract performance or construction defect issues.
I have done Arbitrations for AAA some years ago and can provide that type of service, one on one, before issues escalate to filing lawsuits in many cases.

Construction Inspections

If you would like someone to come out while your Home or any project is being constructed, I can provide a trained opinion to help you and your contractor avoid slowing down or stopping because of disagreements or just to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling that everything is OK

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